Investment Sales

Commercial property transactions are complex, and the process can be lengthy – often frustrating – for clients. Our expert team is here to walk you through it with vast market intelligence and a deep understanding of your unique needs. Are you tired of relying on corporate and impersonal commercial firms to sell your property? Work one-on-one with a GoCommercial agent to custom-tailor a strategy based on your dynamic needs.

Digital Listing Program

Compass Offers an Innovative Fully Digital Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services No Cost.  No Obligation.  No Stress. Introducing the Easiest Way to Sell Your Commercial Property Our digital listing service is the best way to sell your commercial real estate.   Get all of the benefits of Florida’s top Commercial Broker without any of the hassle.  NO

1031 Exchange Coordination & Oversight

1031 exchanges are also referred to as “like-kind exchanges” and sometimes called “Starker exchanges.” Real estate investors use these terms interchangeably to describe the process of a typical deferred exchange that real estate professionals have become accustomed to when navigating commercial real estate transactions.   Simply stated, a 1031 exchange occurs when a person or business

Property Valuation

We specialize in providing customized services to clients looking for accurate and reliable valuations of their commercial properties. Whether you’re a property owner, investor, lender, or developer, our team of experienced professionals works to ensure that you make informed decisions about your commercial real estate assets. Our commercial team offers commercial property valuations via a

Selling With Compass

Compass Is Truly Different From Other Brokers. When you partner with Compass Commercial, you’re immediately ahead of the competition. Our commercial agents put the client relationship at the forefront of every transaction, allowing us to fully understand the details behind each  transaction, leading to customized value maximization strategies.  “We make the complex commercial real estate

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