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Compass Is Truly Different From Other Brokers. When you partner with Compass Commercial, you’re immediately ahead of the competition.

Our commercial agents put the client relationship at the forefront of every transaction, allowing us to fully understand the details behind each 

transaction, leading to customized value maximization strategies. 

“We make the complex commercial real estate process less complicated and more straightforward.” 

Commercial property transactions are complex, and the process can be lengthy – often frustrating – for clients. Our expert team is here to walk you through it with vast market intelligence and a deep understanding of your unique needs. Are you tired of relying on corporate and impersonal commercial firms to sell your property? Work one-on-one with a GoCommercial agent to custom-tailor a strategy based on your dynamic needs. 

GoCommercial is here to protect your interests and maximize your asset values. So let our seasoned professionals work to ensure you get the buyer your property deserves and meet all your needs. We handle all property improvements, marketing, due diligence, buyer screening, photo tours, pro forma financial presentations, and a full line of Compass Concierge services – all at absolutely no cost to you. 

When you work with GoCommercial, you partner with the country’s preeminent real estate company. Compass offers a national and international reach to the most affluent buyer pool – with localized knowledge to ensure your property sells on your terms. We handle your real estate, so you don’t have to. 

Compass offers much more than a traditional commercial broker. We are an innovative firm with a community of unparalleled agents. 

The decision to sell a commercial property is too important to get wrong. By elevating the most individual and specific parts of the process and using technology to simplify the rest, Compass agents guide clients with precision and nuance — all in service of our mission to help every investor find a place in the complex commercial real estate world. 

We’re a diverse team with a single vision. With the solutions-driven mindset of an investment bank, Compass brings together the world’s sharpest, most creative professionals across every commercial asset class — office, multifamily, retail, industrial, hospitality, and development — to transform an industry long in need of disruption. 

We Are An Innovative Brokerage Firm.

Compass is building the first modern real estate platform by pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to deliver an incomparable experience for everyone, from the single-asset investor to the seasoned commercial Seller. 

We put engineering and data at our core. Hailing from technological, marketing, and data-mining innovators worldwide, our on-site experts have crafted specific analytical tools to price and position your property. Then, leveraging this proprietary intelligence, Compass pinpoints marketing strategies to your optimal buyer pool to help you get your asset’s highest possible sales price. 

When you partner with the GoCommercial Real Estate team, you’re immediately ahead of the competition – you’re working with an industry-leading, record-breaking team ready to accommodate every detail of your transaction. Moreover, GoCommercial leverages the Compass network of top agents to sell your property – employing only the top 2.5% producing agents in any given market. 

Operate at a Higher Level 

The Compass brand powerfully conveys the upscale and professional nature of your commercial property. Recognized as a guiding force for our clients, our brand brings profits. 

If Compass lists your property, potential buyers recognize property value and understand that the Seller is serious about the investment property. 

If a budget or low-commission broker represents you, Buyers may question where else you’ve gone with low-quality vendors. The real estate industry recognizes Compass as the highest level professionals, representing the highest quality property. The Compass brand brings value. 

Rigorous Real Estate Marketing

With an in-house studio from the worlds of art, media, interiors, and advertising, Compass pays homage to the marketing aesthetics typically lost in the commercial real estate world. Our in-house marketing staff brings visual foundations to commercial real estate’s first modern brand: dynamic and profitable properties – marketed by Compass. All of our marketing is included in listing fees and is created and distributed at no cost to you. 

Make an Impact 

Compass is building one of the nation’s largest publicly listed real estate firms to embody the nation’s most affluent commercial and residential real estate network. Together with on-the-ground marketing and operations experts, our agents tailor their sales tactics to each region while sharing knowledge and referrals across our corporate network. 

Compass touches the wealthiest client base in the most affluent markets, and we nurture these contacts to sell your property. Compass represents industry leaders and some of the nation’s most prolific real estate buyers and investment funds – we know who buys commercial property in Florida, and we get your property in front of the most likely pool of buyers. 

Contact the GoCommercial Group at Compass today to discuss how we can assist in your commercial real estate transaction. 

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