Commercial Real Estate includes the buying and selling of medical office buildings and healthcare properties.

Healthcare Real Estate

Compass offers healthcare real estate services focussed on developing, acquiring, managing, and leasing properties and facilities used to deliver healthcare services. These properties can include hospitals, clinics, medical office buildings, and senior living facilities, among others.

The healthcare team at Compass offers a wide array of services to help clients navigate the complex world of healthcare property. Our services include:

  1. Development and construction: We work with architects and engineers to design and build new healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, medical office buildings, and assisted living facilities. We handle all aspects of the development process, from obtaining permits and zoning approvals to coordinating with contractors and overseeing construction.
  1. Leasing and property management: We help healthcare providers find the right property for their needs and negotiate lease agreements. We also handle all aspects of property management, including maintenance and repairs, to ensure that the facility is well-maintained and meets the needs of tenants.
  1. Market analysis and demographic research: We provide expert analysis of local market trends and demographics to help clients understand the opportunities and challenges in a specific area. Our healthcare analysis and research service provide insight into population trends, healthcare utilization patterns, and competition in the market.
  1. Healthcare regulation and reimbursement consulting: We have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and facilitate navigating the complex regulations and reimbursement systems that govern healthcare providers. We also help clients understand the financial implications of various healthcare regulations and reimbursement models.
  1. Financing and investment: We assist clients in securing financing for their healthcare real estate projects, whether it be through traditional bank loans or alternative funding sources. We also provide guidance on investment opportunities in the healthcare real estate market, including identifying and analyzing potential deals.
  1. Facility design and planning: We can provide guidance on how to design and layout a facility to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers and patients. Our design and planning services include providing expert advice on optimizing the use of space, improving patient flow, and creating a welcoming and functional environment.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions: We help clients navigate the complex process of buying or selling a healthcare facility, including identifying potential targets, performing due diligence, and handling negotiations and paperwork.
  1. Disposition and strategic planning: We help clients determine the best course of action for a healthcare facility that is no longer needed or is underperforming. This strategic planning can include exploring options such as redevelopment, repurposing, or sale of the facility.

Our healthcare team is built around experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry and the real estate market. All the professionals at Compass work closely with each client to understand specific and unique goals and develop a customized strategy to help each client succeed. We pride ourselves on providing personalized service and building long-term client partnerships.

As healthcare real estate professionals, we offer a wide range of services to help healthcare providers navigate the complex world of healthcare property. From development and construction to leasing and property management, market analysis and demographic research, healthcare regulation and reimbursement consulting, financing and investment, facility design and planning, mergers and acquisitions, disposition and strategic planning, our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help clients achieve financial success.

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